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One of the most southerly web design studios in the world

Located in Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands, I design in the morning, and swim with the penguins in the afternoon. 

My Story

Sure, Falklands Internet is challenging...

Growing up at the beginning of the 21st Century with quickly evolving technology and very slowly improving local internet in the Falklands, this presented many challenges, however it also sparked a creative drive to overcome these obstacles.

With a degree in Digital Media Development, I developed a thorough understanding of the Digital Media ecosystem, gaining skills in various essential programmes for web presence development.

I create websites with the Falkland Islands, and its very unique challenges, firmly in my mind, allowing me to provide solutions that work for us Islanders.

Previously, rebranded I am now
Magellanic Design Studio Falkland Islands

This marks a step forward for me as a Designer, while also feeling like a step closer to home by ingraining my business in the Falkland Islands and its beautiful nature.


My most recent work

Falklands Outdoors

Falklands Outdoors is an Outdoor adventure and exploration provider based in the Falkland Islands.

Offering bespoke tours that combine Falklands wildlife and adventure sport, every tour is carefully tailored for the client, providing pure joy by bringing them closer to nature.

Earth and nature are at the core of what this adventure activity provider offers, something which is often overlooked in the modern age and is of particular importance to all of us in the Falkland Islands.

Combining a sleek and modern interface, stripped back simple lines, and putting the wildlife and landscapes on display, Dan at Falklands Outdoors has been given a beautiful showcase space for his incredible tours.

Bleaker Island

Half an hour’s flight from the Falklands capital Stanley, Bleaker Island is a sheep and cattle farm and a wildlife tourist destination.

On the island lies Cassard House and Cobb’s Cottage, two comfortably furnished, and recently refurbished houses that offer a base from which to explore the islands.

Rugged, untouched wildlife, combined with local farming practices, showcase so much of what the Falkland Islands has to offer.

Bleaker Island was a wonderful website to design. Getting to sift through thousands of beautiful wildlife photography images was a real treat.

The logo design, colours, and infomatic elements all work together to compliment the islands beautiful wildlife and flora.

Alice Clarke Jewellery

Alice Clarke is a professional jeweller living and working in the Falkland Islands. Specialising in fine jewellery handmade in precious metals and gemstones.

Infusing the earths minerals into beautiful recreations of the Falkland Islands iconic flora and fauna, this website would need to be both delicate and precise.

Combining soft but bold serif fonts, with gorgeous borderless jewellery displays, while also keeping to Alice’s original path for the website, allowed me to create something really unique to showcase her amazing work.

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